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10 Ways Creatures Will EVOLVE In 100 Years

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You’ve likely heard the saying that it’s a jungle out there. In fact, it’s even more wild and crazy than many of us likely knew. That’s because our world is filled with all sorts of animals that possess pretty amazing abilities. No, we’re not talking about simple super-strength or even super-speed. Instead, we’re thinking of abilities that actually mimic some of our favorite Marvel and DC superheroes. Shape shifting, toxin-resistant, camouflage, infrared vision and near-immortality - these are the sorts of ‘powers’ that have us wondering if some of Earth’s creatures have stumbled out of a secret laboratory or been exposed to gamma radiation. Come with us as we travel the world to examine various types of frogs, snakes, birds and, well, we aren’t really sure in some cases. Nonetheless, these animals will definitely convince you that Mother Nature is more like Professor X than we might know.

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