10 STRANGE Things School Teens Do That They'll NEVER Admit To

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Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

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Being a teenager can be a strange and confusing time. In your quest to find out who you are as a person, you may find yourself doing things that are straight up embarrassing. We’ll let you in one some of the shocking, hilarious, and downright bizarre things these school teens would never want to admit to. If you’ve ever been flattered by a prom invitation, you should hope that the person asking you didn’t have to pay for the privilege in a sort of shallow draft. We know that teens likely fantasize about their favorite celebs, but many teen girls took it too far with a statue of Justin Bieber, that actually had to be removed due to their actions. You might not find it too surprising to find out that teens like Smarties and Hot Pockets, but we guarantee you’ll be pretty horrified when you find out what they’re using them for.

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