Surprising Things You Need To Know About Pennywise

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Whether you’re a fan of the book, the miniseries, or the latest film, you’ve likely heard about Stephen King’s It. And what would a discussion of It be without the star, that terrifying clown, Pennywise. We’re going to let you in on some startling facts about the scariest clown around, that might make you all the more afraid of storm drains and basements. Whether you’re a fan of Tim Curry or Bill Skarsgard, we’ll tell you about a third contender that almost became Pennywise in the mini series. You’ve seen Pennywise fight against a group of children, but he considers his true rival to be a massive turtle named Maturin. If it sounds strange, it is, and that’s just the beginning of the strange lore. We’ll let you know what other works Pennywise appears in, and it seems that his reach extends far beyond the sleepy town of Derry.

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