How to turn your LinkedIn profile into an inbound marketing tool

You’ve got a LinkedIn profile.

But what does it actually do for you?

Here’s a guide to help you get your brand out there.


Check out your bio 2.

Find your LinkedIn page 3.

Add inbound links to other business websites or social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


Check the relevance of your profile 5.

Use your profile as a contact page 6.

Add links to your company’s website and other pages on your website (social media accounts, e-commerce pages, etc) 7.

Link to your LinkedIn pages and social media pages on other websites 8.

Create an email to the LinkedIn community 9.

Add your name to the profile 10.

Use LinkedIn to find other people with similar interests or interests in your niche to reach out to them 11.

Use the profile as an email address for your LinkedIn community 12.

Use it to promote your brand or other services 13.

Add a link to your site and/or other businesses on other social media platforms 14.

Use a LinkedIn link to promote another business, product or service 15.

Create a LinkedIn account to promote a business or other service 16.

Create your own LinkedIn account 17.

Use an account to post updates to your profile 18.

Add contact information for other users 19.

Add business details to your account 20.

Link your profile to your business profile (see below) 21.

Use social media tools to promote or connect with other business owners 22.

Add LinkedIn to your marketing toolkit (see above)