Bergen logistics manager says ‘nothing but good’

The Bergen Logistics Manager (BML) says he is “absolutely not a fan of the merger” and is happy to see the merged logistics company merge with its sister company Seko.

But he says the new company’s team will remain unchanged and will focus on “working together to deliver the best possible service to our customers.”

“We’ll keep doing what we do and not make changes that impact our customers, or our employees,” he said.

The new Bergen company will be based in New Brunswick and will be headquartered in St. Albans.

Bergen, which has more than 2,000 employees and is the largest logistics operator in New Jersey, said it is not going to lay off employees.

It said the move will result in a 2 percent cost cut in the first year, with the new Bergens first year savings coming from increased staffing and equipment.

Bergis workforce will remain roughly the same Bergen staff will retain their jobs, but Bergen said it will focus more on service delivery to its customers and not “hiring or promoting new employees to support the merger.”

Bergen also said the new logistics company will retain its headquarters in St Albans, New Brunswick.