Why are we doing so well at expos?

A high-level expo is an annual event in which major players in the global food and pharmaceutical industries gather to showcase their latest products, services and technologies.

While expos can be more glamorous than a traditional meeting, it’s a chance for companies to meet new customers, and investors to get a glimpse into the future of food and pharma.

Here are the top expos in the world.1.

San Diego, California2.

Las Vegas, Nevada3.

Las Cruces, New Mexico4.

Toronto, Ontario5.

Boston, Massachusetts6.

Miami, Florida7.

Seattle, Washington8.

Los Angeles, California9.

New York, New York10.

San Francisco, California1.

A food product expo in Tokyo.2.

A pharmaceutical product expos.3.

A logistics expo.4.

An environmental product expore.5.

An engineering expore .6.

An industrial product exporation.7.

A transportation expore and expo for autonomous vehicles.8.

A health product expocase.9.

An auto expocare.10.

A plastics and plastic products expo10.

An electronics expo .