Meet the logistics company that makes your warehouse look like a movie set

In a video that looks like it came straight out of the future, a woman in a suit explains that her company has made warehouses look like movies.

The warehouse, called Red Brick, is a project by a woman named Jen Lee and her husband, Steve.

She started Red Brick in 2017 and has been working on it for a few years.

In the video, she describes the company’s process of transforming a warehouse into a movie theater, and how the technology can help her company make more warehouses look and work like theaters.

Lee’s company, Red Brick has built warehouses for the likes of Netflix, Walmart, and Staples.

But in the video it’s clear that the warehouse is not a movie house.

She says it’s actually a “film theater that will be transformed into a warehouse.”

Lee and Steve started the company in 2017, and since then they’ve worked on it to turn it into a “production warehouse” that will look like theaters, and also to make it look like warehouses in real life.

They’ve also built a website called RedBrickHQ that showcases the warehouse they’re working on, which is part of a larger warehouse that Lee and co-founder Steve built last year.

Lee and Red Brick are aiming to sell the idea that a warehouse can become a movie-themed warehouse to the general public.

In this video, Lee explains how her company built a warehouse that looked like a film set and was then transformed into one that looks just like a warehouse.

The video also shows how Red Brick can also turn a warehouse space into a place where you can buy merchandise or sell inventory.

The company is also working on a warehouse for Amazon that looks a lot like the one in the film.

Red Brick also has a warehouse-shaped app that lets you buy and sell inventory and merchandise.

In order to make the warehouse look real, Lee and company took photos of the warehouses they’ve built, and then built an app that would allow them to overlay them onto the real world.

In Red Brick HQ, you can see an entire warehouse built from real photos and video.

The real world is the real warehouse.

And this is where the real technology and real technology company are.

Red brick is working with companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and more to make warehouse spaces look like movie theaters, according to Lee and Lee’s blog post.

But there are also challenges, Lee said.

Lee said that she thinks that the real reality is going to look like the warehouse.

“We’re going to do this thing that’s really real and real-looking.

I think that’s what’s going to happen.

We’re going do a real warehouse.”

She also said that the technology that the company has built to make warehouses look real is a little different than what people expect from warehouses.

“It’s going out to real warehouses,” Lee said in an interview.

“The way we have to do it is we’ve built a whole new warehouse.

We’ve built it out to a height of about eight stories, and that’s a very big warehouse, and it’s a real floor.

And the real floor is a warehouse and we’ve put all these cables in it.

And it’s also the same thing with all the hardware, and we’re not going to put the cables in the warehouse.”

A big challenge with warehouses is how they’re used.

In fact, Red Bricks HQ has a lot of cables in there.

In her video, which she shared with us, Lee talked about how they’ve spent months trying to make sure that the cables that are attached to the warehouse are connected properly.

She said that they had to replace a lot more cables than people think they do.

“And so there’s all these things that are just to keep the cables from going up in the air and being out of sight and out of mind,” Lee told Wired.

“So that’s something we’ve been working to do and we just wanted to make a really solid foundation for the company.”

Lee said they’ve had to build a warehouse “to be like a big movie theater,” which is something that many of us would never do.

Lee thinks that, for her company, the real goal is to make “a warehouse that’s very large and very real.”

“We’ve got a huge warehouse, but it’s not going out into the real-world to be like the movie theater in this warehouse,” Lee added.

“That would just be wrong.”

Lee told us that Red Brick will also have a website that shows you what Red Brick is up to, so that you can plan out your warehouse in advance.

She also told us she hopes to sell a bunch of these warehouse spaces in her video to other companies.

“What I really hope is that the people who come in and really want to work with us to transform their warehouse, you know, they’ll like our experience,” Lee explained.

“You know, the experience that we have here, it’s very different than other warehouses that we