Blair Logistics CEO resigns

Blair Logistic CEO John Blair announced on Monday he will step down after two years on the job.

Blair will be replaced by former UPS employee Scott Davenport.

Blair will leave his role at the UPS business in which he founded and ran until he left for the position at Blair Logistical.

Blair had been CEO of Blair Logistys business since 2014.

He has been a leader in logistics and logistics automation at UPS for more than 25 years.

The company employs more than 5,500 people in the U.S. and in Mexico and Canada.

It also has a presence in the Philippines, where it has a logistics center, a port facility and a logistics logistics distribution center.

Blast off Blair’s first year in office was a major one, according to the company.

BlaBlas first year on the UPS job had been marred by a series of scandals involving the company and its employees.

In July 2017, UPS was sued by former employees and former employees’ families who said that the company’s leaders and senior managers had covered up employee misconduct and failed to act on allegations of sexual harassment.

Blain was one of the employees who had filed the lawsuit.

In a written statement, UPS said the allegations were “without merit.”

It also said the company had “an independent investigation of the allegations and the company cooperated with it” and would “conduct a full and fair investigation of what happened.”