Symbia and AstraZeneca merge to form global logistics group

The combined logistics group Astra Zeneca and Symbiongy are set to launch their joint venture, bringing together logistics and distribution companies.

The new group, called Symbian Group, will create a logistics, warehousing and logistics provider that is based in London and has more than 25 million customers across Europe.

“We believe the synergies between our companies are extremely significant and will benefit the global supply chain and supply chain solutions, both globally and in our home market of the UK,” Astra chief executive Peter Jager said in a statement.

The Symbians’ combined logistics services include delivery, logistics, logistics management, logistics distribution and warehousing.

AstraZeneca already has operations in the US and the European Union, and it will be one of the main players in the new group.

It has also acquired logistics group MEGAMEX and a global logistics network in the past year.

Symbia is one of Europe’s largest logistics companies, with over 12 million customers and $5 billion in annual revenue.

The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2018.