Canada’s oil supply could be at risk after new oil spill investigation

B.C.’s new oil and gas regulator says it may be “extremely difficult” to find an oil spill cleanup crew in time to help the province recover.

In a report published Thursday, the ministry of the environment says it has only one oil spill team that’s been deployed in Canada’s North and South Parks since 2013.

The ministry said it has not yet been able to find a second one.

The ministry said the team, called an oil containment unit, was deployed in 2015, when the province reported the first large oil spill in more than 20 years.

The team was not able to assess the damage and assess the impact on the surrounding environment, it said.

The new oil recovery team will be tasked with monitoring the province’s existing spill prevention and response activities and preparing an emergency plan for any future spills.

It will be in place “to assess the recovery and restore the environment,” it said in the report.

The minister says it is “unclear” how the team will cope with an oil-spill situation in the region.

It’s possible the team could be deployed on the front lines and be “forced to respond to spill incidents” if the situation gets worse, the report said.