Trump administration to begin issuing ‘penguins’ and ‘pigeons’ as passports, visas, and travel documents

The Trump administration will begin issuing “penguines” and “pigeon-like” passports to U.S. citizens and visa holders and will begin processing travelers who need to travel to and from the United States, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

The administration will issue the documents at a later date, and the new documents will be issued through the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s “global network of passport processing centers,” the AP reported.

The changes will be made through an office that handles the issuance of passports, which the White House said was the first step toward implementing President Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

Trump signed an executive order in April calling for a temporary halt to immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries that have been targeted for increased scrutiny by U.N. security officials.

The president has also pledged to “immediately suspend all admissions from these countries” and has pledged to crack down on the nation’s sanctuary cities.