Seahawks, Rams to play out contract in 2018

The Seahawks and Rams both are committed to paying their players in 2018, but a contract extension between the teams could take another four years to negotiate.

Article Tags seattle seattle, Rams, seattle sports, sports source Bleachers Report title Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams to sign extensions article The Seattle Seahawks have agreed to terms on a four-year contract extension with quarterback Russell Wilson, and the Rams will soon sign their third-year quarterback Jared Goff, according to league sources.

Sources told Bleacher Sports on Tuesday that the Rams, who have struggled with injuries in recent years, are in the process of signing three-year, $23.5 million contracts with Wilson and Goff, with the two quarterbacks set to earn the first $14 million of their deals, per sources.

The Seahawks and the Los Angeles Chargers have agreed on a three-point contract extension, and sources told Bleachers Sports on Monday that the Seahawks have also agreed to a three year, $32 million deal with quarterback Kirk Cousins, with a third year of that being guaranteed, per multiple sources.

There are three teams that are still in negotiations: The San Francisco 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Arizona Cardinals.

The Seahawks have yet to agree on a contract with their fourth-year QB, and have yet at least two teams, the Cardinals and Seahawks, that are willing to part with their quarterback.

The 49ers and Jaguars have both already decided to part ways with Cousins, but the Seahawks are still negotiating on a long-term deal, according the source.

Sources indicated to Bleacher that the Cardinals, who are in need of an offensive tackle, are still looking for a starting offensive tackle in 2018.

The Cardinals are expected to make a big move in free agency this offseason, and could be the team to land the franchise quarterback.

They are expected in a position to land a franchise quarterback, but could also look to add a veteran starter in the draft, according one source.

The Chargers have already made moves in free agent-related areas.

The team has signed three-time Pro Bowler Melvin Ingram, and is reportedly in discussions with a wide receiver.

The Jaguars are in talks with former Cleveland Browns quarterback Jameis Winston.

The franchise quarterback is expected to leave Cleveland, and may go to Jacksonville.

The Bears are expected move on from their quarterback of the future, Ryan Fitzpatrick, as they attempt to rebuild their roster for the future.

The Bears have signed Fitzpatrick to a two-year deal worth $14.5M.

Sources said the Broncos are also in discussions for a quarterback, with two of the top candidates for that position being Ryan Fitzpatrick and Derek Carr.