Merit: U.S. Transportation Command will be in a hurry to hire more people

Transportation Command (TFC) is in the midst of a hiring blitz to replace its workforce of over 50,000 people.

As part of that effort, it is also looking to fill jobs with highly-skilled, low-wage workers, The Associated Press reported.

In its latest hiring report, the TFC said it has a total of nearly 6,000 qualified positions, including 6,300 for low-skilled transportation drivers, 2,500 for drivers who have been on active duty, and 1,200 for drivers on administrative leave.

These jobs are not new.

Since 2014, the Transportation Command has been hiring a total 2,000-plus positions per month, according to the report.

TFC says the jobs will be filled “with qualified individuals who will work in the transport industry and will be employed under contract by the Command, with the expectation of receiving the appropriate level of pay.”

While the transportation sector is booming, it has struggled to attract new talent.

In the past, the military has relied on civilian contractors to handle some of the job-related logistics for its troops.

But those contracts have come at a cost, since the military can’t easily access them without having to hire the contractors themselves.

Now, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Highway Administration are looking to bring some of these civilian-contractors to the TSC.

The agencies want to use technology that allows them to scan a driver’s license, then analyze the driver’s driving record, a process that can identify criminal records, drug use and other criminal records.

The Department of Homeland Security is also working on technology that could help automate some of those processes, according the AP.

The TFC will also be looking for people who are not necessarily experts at transportation, but are willing to help with the logistics, according TFC spokeswoman Emily Kelleher.


spokeswoman Beth Burchard told the AP that the military is already looking to hire a lot of the non-tribal truck drivers who do the logistics for the Army.

Burchar said the service wants to hire at least 100 more truck drivers this year.

For the Army, the hiring spree will be a good boost to the force’s recruitment.

While the Army’s recruiting effort has been on hold since 2014, it still sees an uptick in the number of new recruits, Burchart said.

The Army is looking to recruit a mix of men and women.

The new hires will help with recruiting women, which has been a challenge for the service, Bursett said.

She also said the TLC will be hiring more of its current and future military contractors, including those who have a high degree of technical proficiency.

The military has had a rough past few years in recruiting for its reserve forces, who have struggled to fill their ranks with people with advanced training.

While some reservists were initially hired as temporary contractors, those positions eventually went unfilled.

The service has also struggled to keep up with demand for military veterans, who are increasingly coming to the service.

A 2016 study from the RAND Corporation found that the number who were veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars doubled between 2005 and 2015, and that the overall number of veterans in the military dropped by more than half over the same period.

The report also found that about 70 percent of the troops who joined the military in 2016 were not actually veterans.

That means more than 3 million active-duty military personnel left the service during the 2016-2017 fiscal year, a slight decrease from the previous year, the RAND report found.

It also noted that there were fewer than 2,200 veterans of Iraq and Afghan war who were employed by the Department of Defense during that period, down from more than 4,500.

The number of military veterans who were retired has dropped from 1,935 in the year 2000 to just 1,000 in 2017.

And the military said in a report earlier this year that it has been struggling to hire and retain veterans because of a shortage of qualified personnel.

According to the Defense Department, the average age of military personnel is 36.4 years old.

In 2016, the Pentagon’s recruiting efforts focused on recruiting women.

But since then, it’s seen a steep decline in the size of its female recruitment efforts, with fewer than 200 female military officers hired last year, according CNN.

As a result, the service is now trying to recruit more women by having its workforce be more diverse.

The agency said that by 2020, it plans to hire 50 percent more women.

It said it will be working with the private sector to expand its workforce.

And it is looking for workers to be trained for specific tasks, including for the construction of highways and bridges, the agency said.

And, it said, the services is also planning to hire people to work as temporary drivers, which will allow them to take on work on their own for a shorter period of time.

The services is currently hiring