What you need to know about the Amazon delivery robot

This week marks the second year Amazon has delivered drones, and the first time the company has delivered its drones to the US.

Last year, Amazon shipped 1,000 drones to US cities, including more than 3,000 of them to Washington.

The company has also used drones to deliver packages to local residents in Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Amazon said the drones were “essential to helping the people of the United States navigate and access local businesses.”

But as the delivery drones have flown to the country, Amazon has faced questions about the safety of the deliveries.

Last week, a US district judge ruled that Amazon’s drone delivery program was illegal.

The judge said the delivery drone program violates federal law because Amazon “was in a position to know that its drone program was not safe, nor did it intend to deliver the product to the intended consumer.”

The judge also ruled that there was no way to prove that Amazon intentionally violated the law.

Amazon also said it will appeal the ruling.

But Amazon has not been shy about criticizing the ruling, saying it is “not a question of whether the law was broken, but rather a question about whether the U.S. government has the authority to regulate a company that is doing business here and not in the United State.”

Amazon, which says it employs more than 40,000 people, is the world’s largest retailer, but the company’s drone program is a departure from its previous delivery drones.

Last year Amazon said it would send drones to people’s doorsteps for free, and then it would charge people for their use.

Amazon also announced plans to bring drones into the homes of customers, but those plans were canceled when customers complained.

The drones will continue to fly in the US, but they won’t be delivered directly to people, but instead will be “delivered in the same way as Amazon packages,” said Amazon spokesperson Alex Stamos in a statement.

The drones will still arrive at the address where they were picked up.

Amazon said in 2016 it had delivered more than 100,000 packages to customers in the country.

The drone delivery will be the first to reach homes, but Amazon said its drones would not have been able to deliver to homes because of the distance involved.

The delivery drones will only be able to be used by people who are connected to Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, which includes Amazon Web Services and Amazon’s data centers.

The system is designed to make drones more reliable, but there have been several safety incidents involving drones, including one in July that killed a woman in Washington state.