Why I am not buying a new Pepsi brand

A post shared by Matt (@matthegreatest) on Jul 10, 2018 12:58:08More from Matt: I am NOT buying a Pepsi brand, or any other brand.

I will never buy anything from Pepsi, they are a company that is not for me, and have no place in my life.

I have owned every brand in history, and I will not be buying another brand.

And if I had to make a prediction, I would say that they will never make another Pepsi.

I don’t want any Pepsi, I don, and the company that I’m working for.

I was not born on the Pepsi, Pepsi is not my father, and if I was, I’d probably be selling my car.

I am just tired of it all.

I love Pepsi.

And as I said before, I have no love for them.

I know that Pepsi is a brand, but what is this company, they do not make a Pepsi, and they are no more.

I do not understand how people can make money off Pepsi.

Pepsi is just a cheap company, it does not care about what they say about it.

They make a ton of money, but they are not making a profit, they will lose millions in the process, and this is what makes it even more important to me to not buy from them, I know they are going to lose millions, but I want to keep my investment in this company.