How to get your goods into the mail before they’re delivered

A shipment of meat that is expected to arrive to a new home in a few weeks may not arrive until several weeks after the new home has received it.

“There is a backlog of packages waiting for us to process and process packages,” said Dave Smith, president and CEO of Smithfield Foods Inc., a U.S. beef producer.

“I’m trying to get the backlog under control.”

In the past, Smithfield has had to deal with delays and delays in shipments.

It was forced to lay off more than 200 workers at its Buffalo, N.Y., plant and shut down a facility in Canada because of a supply chain crisis.

Last year, Smithfields also had to delay deliveries to some customers in California because of weather.

In October, the U.K. Food Standards Agency warned that food products were at “exceptionally high” risk of not being processed and packed into the required containers before they can be shipped to U.N. member states.