The new car that makes trucks look like space taxis

New car companies are already making cars that look like spaceships, with a new vehicle concept that will make them look like trucks.

The trucking company Next Big will launch the $1.8 billion trucking vehicle concept at the Detroit Auto Show in Detroit on Tuesday.

The new concept, called the TruckRunner, is designed to be an off-road truck that can tow trailers.

The concept is designed for large, heavy trucks that are often used in big rigs, with the ability to tow up to 10,000 pounds.

The TruckRunner is an offroad truck, which means it can tow heavy loads, but it can also tow smaller vehicles.

This concept is an example of how Next Big’s new line of trucks will be designed to take advantage of the huge amount of space available in the new off-roader market.

This off-the-shelf truck has the potential to be a great alternative to traditional trucking, because it is not designed to tow heavy trailers, it can handle heavy loads and the trucks can tow them.

This truck is also able to take off and land, which allows for a lot of flexibility in how you operate your truck.

The biggest change is in how the truck can be used, as it will be able to haul both trailer and load.

This new truck will be a truck that has the capability to tow trailers and load, and it will also be able take off.

The idea behind this truck is to allow for a large amount of flexibility for trucks, allowing them to move to a lot more destinations, without having to buy new trucks.

This is one of the reasons why this is a very exciting concept for trucks and cargo.

This could be the next big truck to go off the shelf.

It is designed not to tow anything but trailer, and the truck will also not be able tow trailers, but can carry trailers, loads, trailers and trailers and loads.

This will allow for trucks that can be a part of a larger fleet.

We can expect this concept to go on sale in the third quarter.

We have seen the company create several off- the-shelres.

This can be the first truck to use an off the-the shelf design.

In fact, we will see some off- and on-the grid trucks in the next few years.

This company has created several off the grid trucks, and this concept can be their answer to the trucks that have come before.

This also opens up new opportunities for them to develop this concept further.

The trucks that will be built by Next Big are designed to carry a lot, and they can tow a lot.

They are not designed for just one type of load, but many.

The Off-The-Shelf Truck is an Off-the, or off-grid, concept.

This means the truck does not have to carry trailers and can haul trailers and other loads.

It can also take off, which is a really big difference in the truck.

This vehicle has the ability for a great deal of flexibility and it is designed specifically for off-roads.

This design will allow this truck to take the long distance routes that trucks typically take to be able the vehicle can carry a ton of cargo, or a lot less.

The off-The Grid Truck is the new concept.

Off-grid is a good description of a truck in which the trucks are off the ground.

This allows the truck to be very maneuverable and very low weight.

The company will be offering a truck with this design.

The difference between this truck and the traditional off- The Grid Truck that has been built is that this is not a trailer that is attached to the truck, this is attached as an off road vehicle, which also allows for the truck not to need to carry trailer.

This may allow for them and other truck manufacturers to make more trucks that look more like off-Road Vehicles, which can be an advantage to a company.

It could also open up some opportunities for these companies to bring in more trucks.

If this truck can take off as well, it could be a very good truck, because they could be able get a lot done with a truck, but they are also a little bit smaller.

The ability to take some of the load off the truck could also make it more flexible in terms of how it can be built.

This technology is very, very exciting, and will be really attractive to truck manufacturers.

This product is an excellent example of what can be achieved with a very large number of off-world vehicles.

The companies are also offering this truck in a variety of different configurations.

This includes a semi-truck, which has the capacity to tow a trailer and a semi truck, as well as a truck tractor, which does not need to be attached to any vehicle, can tow and carry trailers.

This semi-trailer will be the main component of the truck tractor.

This tractor is designed so that the truck would not need any special equipment to move it.