‘Superior’ new capstone delivery logistics tracking service to be launched

A new logistics tracking solution for Serie A has been announced by the club. 

Livestreaming services, and new capsstone tracking services for logistics are being launched, starting from the end of the 2018/19 season. 

The new service is being piloted by the Liguori group, who previously had the Capstone logistics system in place.

The new system is based on a data-driven approach, and has been developed with the support of an innovative team of logistics experts and a technology platform that offers a complete solution, from the delivery point of view. 

This new Capstone service will provide the same benefits as the Liguiori system, but will be delivered in a more agile manner. 

“We have developed a new system for logistics tracking based on data and analytics that will help us improve the delivery of our products and services to the fans,” Luis Fauci, president of the Livestreamers Association of Italy (LFA), said. 

A complete logistics system for Serie E was also discussed, and the LFA is pleased to announce that the system will be rolled out by the end. 

In addition, LivestREAMers.com has now launched the Ligoros Capstone, a service that will provide customers with a detailed account of all of their orders. At the end