Australian cargo ship to arrive in Perth to provide critical support for Australia’s humanitarian response

Perth – A Canadian-flagged cargo ship is expected to arrive to assist with Australia’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The ship is scheduled to arrive at the port of Perth this morning.

Cargo ship arrives at Perth harbour with humanitarian assistance to help in Yemen crisis The cargo ship, named the Lassa, is being built by the Canadian company Lassana.

It is carrying food, medicines, blankets and medical equipment to support the humanitarian response.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the Australian Government was sending a $500,000 (US$624,000) ship, called the LASSA, to help Australia’s first-ever humanitarian ship in Yemen, the Royal Australian Air Force’s C-130J Hercules.

Prime Minister Tony Adkins confirmed the ship would arrive in Australia to provide humanitarian support to the Yemeni people.

“It is a ship that will bring food, medicine, blankets, medical supplies, medical equipment, medical training to the people in Yemen,” he said.

Adkins said the LASSA would be used to transport humanitarian supplies, including medical personnel, to Yemen.

“The LASSAs mission will provide humanitarian aid and training to Yemeni civil defence and other humanitarian organisations, including those who will be using the ship as part of their mission to provide aid to the Yemen people,” he added.

‘An honour to work on a ship like this’: Lassas pilot Captain Steve Stokes, who flew the first LASSAS to Yemen in September, said the ship was the first time a Canadian ship had been used to deliver aid to a country.

He said it was the right thing to do for the people of Yemen.

“We’re really looking forward to having a closer relationship with our new friends in Australia,” he told ABC News.

Captain Steve Stoke, who piloted the Lasso to Yemen, said it had been an honour to fly on board the LASCAS.

Aerial view of the LACSA cargo ship in the port.

As a first-time humanitarian operation, the LACHAS was initially set up in September.

This is a second shipment of humanitarian aid for the Yemenis to the LCAH, which is based in Dubai.

LACSA will help to build infrastructure in Yemen as well as to provide medical, technical and communications support to aid agencies in Yemen in the coming months, Mr Stokes said.

“The logistics of transporting supplies is very important.

You don’t want to leave a country without anything, and we have a lot of cargo here to help with that.”

The LASCAP was also used to ferry medical equipment from Dubai to Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, to assist the Yemeni civil war.