How to get your order in and out of your car’s cargo hold

A car’s luggage holds are often used as a “tranquility zone” in the event of a collision or accident, with passengers in and around the vehicle as safe as possible.

Now, a startup that has been testing its cargo-holding technology in cars for the past few years is taking the concept to the real world, with its Triton logistics system.

Key points:Triton logistics’ cargo-hold technology is able to hold up to 50kg (115lbs) of goods, but is designed to be portable, lightweight and easy to operateThe technology can hold up a cargo of up to 5kg (10.4lbs)Triton says its system is “a one-stop-shop for transporting everything you need”The technology is built around a “cargo-holding system”, and is designed for “large, lightweight, portable and easily operated” containers that can be transported by the car’s onboard computers, with the option of transporting by drone.

Triton is working on a cargo-carrying system that could be used in cars to help reduce the number of cars on the road, and is working with some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers to build the system.

The Triton system uses a magnetic coupling that can pull in a cargo that is loaded onto a specially designed container and then can be lowered by an electric motor to its resting place.

It’s a technology that has seen the likes of Volvo, Mitsubishi and Toyota in the past year announce that they have begun testing the Triton technology in their vehicles, but the Tronix team says it is working to have its technology ready for commercial deployment by the end of this year.

It has worked with Nissan to test the Trionix system in its current models, and has already tested its technology in its upcoming model, the Juke.

The company has said it hopes the Tronsons cargo-holder system will help reduce car trips by reducing the number and complexity of cars being used on the roads.

“The Tronox cargo-hose is a one-time-use system, that is designed specifically to handle heavy loads,” Triton’s chief executive, Steve Tritton, said in a statement.

“Triton has demonstrated that a large, lightweight container can be moved by a car using just the engine and an electric drive motor.

The container can then be lowered to a resting place using an electric power motor and an automated lifting system.”

The system uses the cargo-bearing system to hold the cargo in place, so the car can continue on with its journey.

The technology has been developed over a decade, and was first used in a Tesla Model S. It has been tested on a number of vehicles, and will now be rolled out to a number more.

Troniton says it has been working with Nissan, Volvo, and Mitsubish to develop the Tronic cargo-storage system.