Peeps’ first-ever holiday party: Holiday party for birds

Peeps, the country’s most iconic bird, has arrived at the Peeps Home Depot. 

The birds, valued at more than $1 billion, have been arriving in the nation’s capital for nearly a month. 

In the past, the birds were shipped to the United States from China, where they are considered pets.

But this year, Peeps are being shipped to Peeps home depot in Seattle. 

They will arrive with their families Tuesday morning.

The birds will stay at the facility until the following morning, when they will be taken to the National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon to be released. 

(WATCH: Peeps welcome in their new home) The bird’s arrival in Washington came after a week-long trip to the country that holds the world’s largest bird population. 

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were on hand to greet the birds, which were welcomed by a standing ovation. 

“The first thing we did was greet Peeps,” Trump said on Tuesday.

“It’s the most important thing that happens to a bird, and it’s been a tremendous experience.” 

He added, “The first time they see the White House, they’re going to think, Wow.

This is what I’m gonna be able to do.

I think they’ll think, This is a really big deal.”

The birds are being held at the National Wild Turkey Federation, which has said it hopes to get them off the road as soon as possible. 

It is estimated that the Peep population is in the tens of thousands, and their numbers have been increasing throughout the year. 

This year, the bird population has more than doubled from just under 2,000 in 2016 to about 6,500. 

During the Trump administration, the animals were given a boost in the environment and agriculture through the Trump-Pence administration. 

But it has also been a difficult time for the birds. 

Since the election of Trump, the Peeper population has been on a steep decline, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

A number of bird species have been listed as endangered or threatened by the Trump White House. 

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