How to get your money back if your online store loses business

The online retailer Rakuten has been losing money, but the company says its strategy has a plan to make money back.

Rakuten announced its third-quarter earnings on Tuesday, and the company’s shares were down about 13 percent.

It said it was also investing $3.2 billion to expand its e-commerce business.

The investment includes a $3 billion cash infusion, and $1 billion in additional capital.

The company is targeting $1.5 billion in revenue this year.

However, that may not be enough to meet its goals.

The company said it will need to generate $3 million in profit per share by 2021 to meet expectations.

The firm has struggled to maintain its ecommerce business amid competition from online stores such as Amazon and Alibaba.

It has struggled with the decline in e-book sales, as well as its own efforts to reduce the number of people using its products.