How to navigate Amazon’s new marketplace for goods

The biggest question facing the global logistics industry is: How will Amazon be able to navigate the rapidly growing and rapidly evolving global logistics landscape?

For example, how will Amazon make its way into the lucrative logistics market that has seen prices surge to record highs?

Or how will the company expand its global footprint?

The company has already announced plans to move more than 4,000 warehouses across the globe, as well as the creation of a network of warehouses across Europe.

Amazon has also announced plans for its third major international logistics hub, the Amazon Prime Now hub in New York, which is set to open later this year.

But there is still much to be done for the global marketplace, and the company has yet to release an official timetable for its expansion.

The new hub will be the second major hub for the company, after the second hub in Seattle, which was unveiled last year.