How to use PCC to track the impact of the Keystone XL pipeline project

Logistic regression can be a powerful tool, but it can also be abused, according to a new report from PCC Logistics.

The report says that when a business is unable to predict the impact a pipeline project will have on their bottom line, the best thing to do is to use logistic regression to track its impact on their cash flow.

The PCC report analyzes the impact that the Keystone pipeline project has had on the cash flow of several major U.S. businesses.

Some of the businesses it analyzed include Coca-Cola, AT&T, Ford, General Motors, Kraft Foods, Marriott, and Verizon.

The study finds that if a business’s cash flow was not affected by a pipeline expansion project, it will lose more than $8 billion in cash over a 20-year period.PCC Logistic says the results of its analysis will help companies better understand the impact pipeline projects have on the business environment.

The report found that if companies were able to predict what would happen with the Keystone project, they would likely have a much lower cash flow loss than if they didn’t.