World of Tanks: An Epic Journey

Posted August 29, 2018 06:31:49 A new game in the world of Tanks, the World of Tank, is coming to PC in August, with an official release in 2018.

This is an incredibly unique and ambitious project that is bringing a new level of immersion to a genre that has been largely abandoned for the last five years.

The gameplay of World of Tanks is set in a futuristic world where tanks and mechanized combat have become the norm, and the world itself has been overrun by aliens.

As a result, the players will be transported into a futuristic future in which tanks and vehicles are a rarity.

This is the game’s first step towards a fully-featured online tank battle arena, where the battles will take place on an epic scale.

The World of Steel has been in development for a number of years, and has been heavily influenced by other games like World of Warcraft.

World of tanks is set to be a fully online experience that allows players to fight against each other, and fight in real-time with up to 50 other players.

The World of Warplanes has been a great way to test the new mechanics of World Warplanes, which allow players to customize their planes with weapons and armor sets, and have a lot more control over the aircrafts behavior.

Players can choose to control a single tank or a group of tanks, with each tank having a number assigned to it, which can be increased or decreased.

World Of Tanks: The World Of Steel is set for release on August 29 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One.

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