What is logistics map?

The Verge: What is the logistics map for your next meeting?

It’s the perfect tool for organizing your meeting plans and meeting rooms, organizing travel arrangements, and more.

Here are the essentials: • Map the entire country, or an area of up to 2,500 square miles, using Google Maps’ Geospatial API • Create custom, tailored itineraries for each of your events • Map your trip around your city using Google’s Trip Planner app • Search for locations of nearby businesses and businesses in your area • Map out your next trip and route using Google Street View • View your meeting room and conference room maps and schedule them ahead of time • Get directions to each location using Google Directions or Google Maps Maps • Schedule meetings in advance using Google Calendar or Google Voice • Access your meeting minutes, and other meeting information, in Google Calendar • View meeting notes from any device with Google Drive or Google Calendar Sync • Access all your meetings via your Google Account and Google+ Hangouts.

This is a free app and there’s no subscription required.

Get it here.

The Verge’s Jameson Lovelock contributed to this report.